Sheila Sheeran

Sheila Sheeran

Sheila Sheeran, is loving mother, wife and a Chopra Center Certified Instructor who founded The Shine Center, a boutique Meditation Studio off Main Street in Chatham, MA.

Class Info

We encourage you to preregister on line to secure your space.

Bolsters, straps, blocks, and blankets are available.

Ample parking is available on Depot Street if there is no parking at Post Office Plaza.

The Shine Center is air-conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter.

Wear comfortable clothing. Layers are a good idea.

Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach. Avoid heavy meals 2-3 hours prior to class.

Drink water before and after class.

Let us know if there is an injury or medical condition we should be aware of.

Beginners are welcome.

Classes are open to all levels. We are attuned to the needs of each individual student, regardless of your level of practice. We will offer personalized instruction and adjustments when necessary.

Listen to your body, take a break or skip a posture if you need to. Challenge yourself, yet be mindful of the fact that there should never be any stress or strain.

Remember that Yoga is a process. Be consistent in your practice and be patient with yourself.

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