Sheila Sheeran

Sheila Sheeran

Sheila Sheeran, is loving mother, wife and a Chopra Center Certified Instructor who founded The Shine Center, a boutique Meditation Studio off Main Street in Chatham, MA.

A Letter From Sheila

Hello, I am Sheila Sheeran! My mission is to ignite the Light within the heart and Soul of all my students at the Shine Center. Before I moved to Cape Cod four years ago, I was a distracted mom totally disconnected from my True Self. I only identified myself as a mother and wife, totally detached from my dreams and desires in life. Through lots of self-discovery I realized I was living a completely unconscious life. I had 4 kids in four years so just taking a moment to come up for air was a huge accomplishment in those days. Back then I was in survival mode, I had a negative mindset and was letting fear guide the way. My mantra then was simply “breathe.”

In the summer of 2014, my husband and I along with our 4 children, took the leap by moving to Cape Cod where we had summered for many years. This is when I decided to start yoga teacher training that was an eight-month program. During this time, I was doing so much yoga and I was reading books by Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Jen Sincero, and Marianne Williamson, just to name a few. I had so many awakenings and finally started living a more fulfilling life! I started to get the know myself for the first time and began to like the person I was looking at in the mirror. This is when I was introduced to meditation and that’s when my entire life changed.

I had no idea that I could control the thoughts in my head! That means when I notice a negative thought, I can immediately redirect it into a positive thought with certainty. I started to notice I was constantly replaying the same old hurts over and over in my head. I finally realized that I could turn off the noise that was keeping me stuck in my past and anxious about my future. I realized that I was very rarely living in the present moment. Meditation was the gift that brought me back to my center, reconnected me to my true Self, and it lead me to my purpose in life.

My purpose in life is to help you live YOUR life with purpose. No more being asleep at the wheel going through the motions of life. With meditation and yoga, I will guide you to tap into the source that will ignite the Light within you! I want to reconnect you to the highest, greatest version of yourself that has always been there, you just need to get out of your own way to remember.

So you start where you are, not where you wish were, and you start with one deep breath!

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