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The Shine Center was founded by Sheila Sheeran in 2018 as a result of personal exploration that led to a journey to find her True Self. Now, her purpose is to help you find your purpose and live your life with intention each and every day.

Sheila went to the Chopra Center for a week long retreat called “Seduction of Spirit” in October of 2016. It was such a life changing experience…she instantly knew she wanted to open her own meditation studio to share the teachings from the Chopra Center. “Shine” was one of her favorite words that she loved to use, in fact she incorporated it with the necklaces she makes. She says when you connect to the Divine Light within…you SHINE. So in trying to create a name for her own studio, the most obvious name was the “Shine Center” just like “Chopra Center” because she wanted to bring all of the wisdom taught at The Chopra Center to her studio.

Sheila has been teaching yoga at many locations around Chatham, including Chatham Bars Inn, Oyster Pond Yoga and Chatham Health Club. She is thrilled to bring her “spiritual vibe” to her own studio. She often quotes her favorite authors like Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer in class, to help sprout lots of seeds of spiritual growth in her students. Her playlists include artists like Trevor Hall, Xzavier Rudd, and Krishna Das…all the way to Coldplay, Van Morrison and Adele. She loves when someone asks if she will share her playlists!

The inspiration for the decor of the studio all started from the “Om Shanti Shanti Shanti” artwork that her identical twin sister, Shannon surprised her with as a graduation gift after completing her Chopra Center Instructor Certification. 

All of the colorful bolsters are from The fabric is hand-block printed in India, using centuries-old artisan techniques passed from one generation to the next. They definitely give her studio an authentic and charming feel while also providing alignment of the spine for comfortable seated support. She also wanted to provide chairs for students that are not interested in sitting on a Bolster. Every single detail was thought out with attention to detail to provide the most amazing boutique experience.

Sheila is such a bright Light, with a real passion for helping people connect to their Light within.

“We shine like diamonds in the sun, everyone of us SHINES!”
– Girish

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